How to Add Value and Comfort to Your Home’s Bathroom

When planning a bathroom renovation, you might want to consider changing more than just the tile and wall colour. Some changes you make in the bath during a renovation can add comfort and convenience, and some may even add value to your home! This doesn't mean that you need to overspend on luxurious items in the bathroom, but to ensure your renovation includes features that do make the space comfortable, and that might add some value as well, note a few suggestions to keep in mind. Read More 

Plumbing Leaks That Could Be Attracting Pests

Plumbing leaks are an-all around hassle: they drive up your monthly water bills, damage your floors, and make a mess of your house. Well, there's more. Leaks also attract uninvited house guests, insects and rodents. Household pests are attracted to leaks in poorly maintained drains, gutters and roofs. Like humans, insects and rodents need water to survive, and just a little drop will do the trick. Plumbing leaks, especially those hidden from view create the ideal oasis for the uninvited guest to set up camp without your knowledge. Read More 

What Is Roof Plumbing and Why Is It So Important for Your Home’s Overall Maintenance?

When you hear the word "plumbing," you may immediately think of the pipes inside your home that are connected to sinks, toilets and showers. However, the term plumbing simply refers to a connection of hoses, pipes and other such pieces, and which direct or control water, gas and similar elements; your gas furnace needs gas plumbing, as an example. Your roof also needs plumbing to keep it in good condition; note what is meant by this term when applied to a roof, and how to ensure your home is always in good repair. Read More 

DIY Plumbing – How To Avoid Disasters

There are many DIY projects that can be fun, and then there is plumbing. Finding out how to fix your own leaks or replace your own toilet can prevent you from calling a plumber, as well as save you a great deal of money. However, ensuring that mistakes are not made is imperative. Even though there are certain problems that can be avoided, some issues are unavoidable, especially if your plumbing is old or poorly installed. Read More 

Office Building Managers: 4 Steps You Can Take to Reduce Blocked Toilets and Sewer Pipes

If you manage an office building which contains a large workforce, you will understand what a hammering the sewer system can take. The average person urinates between 6 and 7 times a day and may also pass solid waste during visits to the bathroom. As well as human waste, the plumbing system may also have to cope with large quantities of hand towels and other items which are flushed down the toilet. Read More