Why Is Your Hot Water System Making Popping Noises?

If you've had your hot water system for a good few years, then you'll be used to it making sounds when it heats up water. You're probably so used to these noises that you don't even notice them any longer. One day, however, you may start to hear unusual noises like bubbles popping coming from the system as it heats up. Why is this happening and is it a sign of a serious problem? Read More 

Plumber’s Advice on How to Maintain Your Garbage Disposal

Most kitchen sink drains clog up because people flush the wrong items down their drains. To help keep these drains clog-free, homeowners should consider incorporating clog prevention devices into their kitchens. One of the clog prevention devices that every homeowner should have in their kitchen is a garbage disposal. A garbage disposal is a plumbing appliance that is used to shred or grind up soft food waste items into small pieces. Read More 

Its Time To Think About Your Hot Water System

We all love using hot water in our homes, especially in our showers and baths. There is nothing quite as relaxing or refreshing as a stream of hot water on your back, but in many houses this is preceded by an uncomfortably long stream of cold water. You might not even realise that you can get your hot water system upgraded and cut down on the waiting period. That is just one of the many advances that have come along in the last few years as modern plumbing continues to find new ways to improve our habits in the bathroom. Read More 

4 Must-Know Facts about Residential Pool Pumps

Swimming pool pumps help to circulate water in the pool to remove impurities and mix chemicals used for cleaning. The pump works by pulling water from the main drain and skimmers and pushing it through a series of systems for filtration, heating and sanitisation. The water is then pumped back into the pool where the process starts all over again. Therefore, the pump is integral to the proper functioning of a swimming pool. Read More 

Beware of These Signs of Blocked or Damaged Drains and Pipes

Every homeowner should know the signs of blocked or damaged drains or pipes in the home, and of damaged pipes outside the home as well. Ignoring any type of blockage or even a small leak or crack in plumbing pipes can lead to a major plumbing disaster, as well as more expensive repair bills down the road. However, keep in mind that a blocked drain or damaged pipe doesn't always mean that water won't drain away, or that toilets will get clogged and won't flush. Read More